New Arrivals



◆ How long will it take to receive the package?

✔ Usually 10 working days for worldwide shipping. Delays of 1 to 2 weeks may occur during holidays.

◆ What modes of transport are supported?

✔ Priority is given to the safe transport of your parcel to its destination by air + courier. The postage costs appear automatically on the checkout page.
We also support the choice of sea or rail transport of your parcel according to its properties and volume, the exact postage costs will be negotiated.

◆ How do I track my order?

✔ Your delivery confirmation email will contain your tracking number and order details. 

◆ How do I get a refund and return the product?

✔ We support 90-day refunds.

Requests for refunds and returns will be refused if the package is received or if it has been shipped and you do not like it for personal reasons.
Refund return requests submitted for quality reasons require the product to be sent by post to the place of dispatch and a refund will be issued to you within 3 working days after approval.

◆ What are the benefits of business purchasing?

✔ Bulk purchase orders will be offered at an additional reduced unit price when the quantity reaches the threshold.
Full logistics tracking and 24 x 7 customer service will also be provided.
Shipping methods for bulk orders will be confirmed by the purchaser and the seller.
Contact [email protected]

◆ What countries are supported for delivery?

✔ We currently have overseas warehouses in Australia, UK and USA and support deliveries to Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, Mexico, USA and Russia.