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Australian Chocolate Lamingtons Cake Recipe

Lamington cake is a household name in Australia, and its origins are interesting.

Legend has it that the chef accidentally dropped the sponge cake into the chocolate at a party in Lamington and the dessert had to be served in time for the guests to enjoy.

  • Ingredients

Mould / Square mousse ring 5.7 x 5.7 x 2 inches

Whole egg sponge cake batter

Milk 1.4oz
Butter 0.9 oz
Room temperature eggs x 3
Water syrup 0.2 oz
Sugar 3.9oz
Low gluten flour 3.5 oz

Chocolate Sauce

Light cream 5.3oz
Dark chocolate with 55% cocoa butter 3.5 oz

  • Steps

1. Make the sponge body / Add 1.4oz of milk and 0.9oz of butter to a bowl

Heat over hot water until the butter is completely melted and set aside.

2. Add 3 room temperature eggs, 0.2 oz of water syrup and 3.9 oz of granulated sugar to the bottom of a beating bowl of hot water at around 40°C. Turn on the electric whisk and beat at high speed.

3. Beat with an electric whisk on high speed until the whole egg mixture changes colour from dark to light, about 2 minutes, until it has increased in volume and a figure 8 pattern can be drawn by lifting the whisk.

4. Turn down the speed and continue to whip for about 1 minute, by which time the large bubbles in the batter will have slowly disappeared.
When the batter is getting creamy, stop whisking.

5. Sift 3.5 oz of low gluten flour into the beaten whole egg batter.

6. Using a spatula, mix well using a cutting and tossing technique until there is no dry flour.
For beginners, add the low gluten flour in 3 batches to make it less likely to foam.

7. Toss a little of the batter with the butter and milk mixture a few times

8. With the help of a spatula, add the pre-mixed batter

9. Mix well to make a fine sponge cake batter.

10. Pour the batter into a square mousse ring that has been lined with greaseproof paper on the bottom and all sides.

11. Shake the baking tray a few times to shake out the big bubbles!

12. Bake in the middle of a preheated oven at 170°C for about 25 minutes.

13. Remove the baked cake from the oven and leave it to cool.

14. Cut off uneven edges and darker coloured skins and bottoms

15. Cut the cake into small squares 1.2 inches long, wide and high

16. To Make the Chocolate Sauce

Heat 5.3oz of light cream to boiling, then turn off the heat. Pour into 3.5oz of dark chocolate with 55% cocoa butter and leave for about 1 minute.

17. Allow the chocolate sauce to cool down to around 30 °C, then cover the cake pieces with the chocolate sauce.

18. Once cooled, cover with coconut

19. Done


  1. Oven temperature and time are for reference only, please adjust according to the actual situation.
  2. Add water syrup to the cake, in addition to reducing the sweetness of the cake, it also makes the cake more moist to eat, it is not recommended to omit.
  3. For other colours, use coloured chocolate blocks, you can choose to match according to your taste colour.

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