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Can you make simple jams and storage methods?

The quality of the fruit used, its natural ripeness, the proportion of sugar and the seal are all important factors in making a good jam.
Timexing will teach you the easiest way to make jam today.

  • How long does this make the jam last?

The jam will keep for a week or two in the fridge if you use a clean, non-watered spoon each time.

  • What should I do if I want to keep it for a long time?

Europeans make jam in October to keep until Christmas using this natural method. Seal the jam as below and it will keep for about six months in the fridge without opening the bottle.

  1. Pour the finished jam into a glass jar and tighten the lid.
  2. Place the filled jam jars in a saucepan and pour water over the middle of the jars and cook for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the jam jars and leave to cool upside down for 24 hours so that the air in the jars will naturally become a vacuum.

If the lid of the jam jar is sunken downwards, the vacuum is ready. If the lid still goes up and down when pressed, tighten the lid and repeat the previous step.

  • Is there really no difference between frozen and fresh fruit for jam?

Frozen fruit is usually quick-frozen as soon as the fruit is picked, retaining the maximum possible moisture and sugar.

Due to the seasonality of many fruits, Europeans usually use frozen fruit when making pastries, the difference is not particularly great and you can use frozen jam with complete confidence.

  • Do you use the same method for different fruits?

This method works with a wide range of different fruits and you can choose what kind of jam to make according to your personal preference.

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