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Chocolate Chiffon Cake Recipe Video

  • Ingredients

Cocoa Chiffon

Low gluten flour 1.8 oz
Granulated sugar A 1.8 oz
Water 1.8 oz
Salad oil 1.4 oz
Eggs 3
Cocoa powder 0.4 oz

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate 0.5 oz
Light cream 0.5 oz

Topping Cake

Light cream 6.3 oz

Granulated sugar B 0.6 oz
Chocolate ganache 0.4 oz

  • Tips

1. The recipe is 6 inches
2. Cocoa powder will make the egg white batter defoam so mix fast
3. The correct way to beat the cream sauce for the topping determines the final beauty of the cake.


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