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Cocoa Chiffon Cake Recipe Video Full Version

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The aroma of cocoa and chocolate products is always fascinating.

The addition of cocoa powder and chocolate to the batter gives the chocolate cake a rich aroma that will make chocolate lovers sink into it.

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Mould / 17cm diameter hollow chiffon mould

Serving Size / 4 to 6 people

Baking / Preheat to 200°C, bake at 170°C for 35 minutes

Storage / Keep sealed and refrigerated for up to 3 days

  • Ingredients

Low gluten flour 2.3 oz

Cocoa powder 0.5 oz

Egg white 4.9 oz

Egg yolks 2.5 oz

Fine sugar 2.5 oz

Milk 2.1 oz

Corn oil 1.4 oz

Lemon juice 1g

Heat-resistant chocolate beans 1.1 oz

  • FAQs

1. The Dough Bubbles Badly

R. The proportion of fine sugar added to the egg white is too low
2. Egg white is not properly whipped
3. Wrong mixing technique when mixing egg whites

A. Do not reduce sugar excessively
2. Whip the egg whites to neutral peaks
3. Mix the egg whites with a tossing technique

2. The Cake Is Not Puffed

R. Egg white is too low
2. The batter is too foamy
3. Baking temperature is too low

A. Increase the whiteness of the egg whites
2. Follow the above instructions to avoid frothing
3. Increase the baking temperature appropriately

3. Bottom of Cake is Sunken

R. Lower heat is too low
2. The position of the mould in the oven is too high

A. Adjust the lower fire temperature by measuring the temperature to ensure that the lower fire temperature is not lower than the upper fire
2. Place the moulds at the bottom, also to ensure that the lower heat is sufficient.

4. Collapsing or Closing After Removing the Mould

R. Not sufficiently baked
2. Not sufficiently cooled

A. Extend the baking time appropriately
2. Make sure the cake is completely cooled before removing it from the mould

5. Uneven Cake Structure

R. Over-whipped egg white
2. Insufficient batter mixing

A. Avoid over-whipping egg whites
2. Mix the egg whites and yolk batter well

  • Summary

The method of making a cacao chiffon is not very different from that of a plain chiffon, except that in the first step you mix the flour and cocoa powder, and in the last step you add the chocolate beans after the batter has been mixed.

Back to basics, the key to making a good chiffon is how well the egg whites are whipped, how well they are mixed and the baking temperature.

When you have done these things well, you will be able to avoid foaming of the cocoa batter and produce a more fluffy cocoa chiffonade.

In the early days of the invention of chocolate, this delicacy was only available to the royalty. Thanks to the high level of development of the food industry.

Today, cocoa products are available in every household.

Thanks to the addition of ingredients from the cocoa family, the range of desserts has been greatly enriched, allowing bakers to develop their imagination, and cocoa chiffonade is one of these masterpieces.

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