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Easy Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

For a relaxing time, try a brownie for a naturally mellow flavour without any complicated process or added puffing agents.

  • Ingredients

Mould Size

9 x 4 x 2.6 inches

Brownie Area

Dark chocolate coins 1.6oz
Low gluten flour 1.4oz
Whole egg mixture 2.3 oz
Fine caster sugar 1.6oz
Butter 2.9 oz

Cheese Area

Cream cheese 4.6oz
Sugar 0.7 oz
Whole egg mixture 1.1 oz
Vanilla extract 0.6 dr

  • Steps

1. Soften the 2.9 oz butter until you can easily press it through with your fingers. If the room temperature is below 22 ℃, the softening will not be obvious enough, you can heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds, or soften it under warm water.
In the picture, Ato has used warm water to soften the butter. Although a little of the butter has liquefied at the bottom, it is still partly lumpy and can be churned to a smooth state.
If you overheat the butter, it will all liquefy and you will have to chill it in the fridge for 10 minutes before beating it back to a smooth creamy consistency, as liquefied butter cannot trap air and the cake will not be fluffy enough.

2. Whip the butter into a smooth cream and set aside.

3. Heat 1.6 oz dark chocolate coins over warm water at 50 °C and stir smoothly. Be careful not to wait for all the chocolate coins to melt, only the bottom should start to melt, then you can leave the warm water and use the residual heat of the bowl to stir and the chocolate will be completely dissolved.

4. Fold the dark chocolate into the butter in 3 batches

5. Beat well and smoothly after each addition

6. 2.3oz of whole egg with 1.6oz of granulated sugar

7. With the whisk on the highest speed throughout, whip the eggs until they have puffed up 3 times in volume, lightened in colour and have pale lines. If it is difficult to whip the whole egg mixture, you can try whipping it in warm water at 40°C.

8. Pour the egg mixture into step 5 and mix well and smoothly, there are also brownies without whipping the egg mixture, but we think whipping the egg mixture makes the brownies a bit fluffier

9. Sift and add 1.4 oz of low gluten flour.

Sifting not only eliminates lumps, but also allows the flour to carry more air and makes the cake fluffy.

10. Press with a spatula until no flour particles are visible.

11. Place the brownie batter in a laminating bag and cut a small slit in the front

12. Squeeze the brownie batter into the bottom of the mould

13. The surface is then shaken flat

14. Then shake the top 4.6 oz cream cheese to soften and add 0.7 oz granulated sugar to soften the cream cheese, again at room temperature, in the microwave, under warm water, etc.

15. Whip the cream cheese into a paste

16. Add 1.1 oz whole egg mixture and 0.6 dr vanilla extract

17. Whip until smooth and grain-free

18. Put the cheese batter into a laminating bag and cut a small slit in the front.

19. Squeeze over the top of the brownie batter

20. Then shaking flat

21. Use a spoon to lift the batter from the bottom, allowing the brownies to mix with the cheese to some extent, and the finished product will have a beautiful pattern.
But be careful not to stir, as stirring will cause the batter to overmix and the pattern will be blurred or even disappear.

22. Bake in the middle of a preheated oven at 180 °C for 30 minutes.
Remove from the oven and cool immediately.

23. Once cooled and sliced, each slice of this wonderfully rich and cheesy brownie has a deliciously different pattern.



  1. The moulds should be treated with anti-adhesive treatment in advance, by smearing the inside with a layer of butter and then rolling a circle of flour.
  2. Chocolate coins need to use baking special dark chocolate coins, the natural cocoa butter content is about 57%, do not use commercially available chocolate.
  3. Cream cheese can only be kept refrigerated, not frozen or at room temperature.
  4. Do not use refrigerated low temperature eggs, room temperature eggs are easier to whip, but also less likely to lead to chocolate butter re-consolidation.
  5. If you have a vanilla pod, take vanilla seeds instead of vanilla extract for better results.
  6. This cake tastes great when sealed and refrigerated with plastic wrap!
  7. This recipe can be equivalent to a 6-inch round mould, but the width (diameter) of the mould is different, so the baking time for a round mould needs to be extended a little.
  8. Each person’s oven is different, the temperature and time is for reference only, need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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