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How do I make cheese?

Mozzarella Ingredients

Raw cow’s milk 2.2 lbs

Citric acid 0.6 dr

a. Purified water 0.2 oz

Rennet 0.6 dr

b. Purified water 0.2 oz

  • Steps

0.2 oz. purified water with 0.6 dr citric acid

0.2 oz. purified water with 0.6 dr rennet.

Mix well

Add 2.2 lbs of raw buttermilk to the milk pan, then add the citric acid solution.

Stir with a spatula for 5 minutes to allow the citric acid to fully incorporate.

Next add the rennet solution

Using a spatula against the wall of the ramekin, stir 2 turns clockwise and 1 turn anti-clockwise.
Do not stir horizontally or vertically in the middle, and do not over-stir as the rennet works quickly and over-stirring will break up the curd.

Cover and let stand for 45 minutes.

The rested milk will curdle into a tofu mound, cut into 0.4 inch squares with a small knife.

Heat over low heat while gently stirring with a spatula against the sides.

Stop when temperature reaches 43°C

Strain through a mesh sieve to separate the curd from the whey.

Squeeze out the excess whey with a spatula.

Pour the milk whey back into the milk pan and chop the curd into pieces

Reheat the whey over low heat until it stops at 80°C.

Put the curd back into the whey blanching for 20 seconds.

Remove the curd and squeeze out the excess whey.

Chop the curd and heat the whey, then put the curd back in and blanch for 20 seconds before straining.

After constant blanching and pressing, the curd gradually becomes smaller in volume.
When we knead it a few times, it will appear smooth and tender.

Try pulling it. If you can pull it for a long time, the mozzarella is ready.

Of course the mozzarella is still soft at this point, so we put it in ice water to cool it down.

If not using immediately, wrap in cling film and freeze for up to 3 months.

We tried homemade mozzarella for effect, first cutting the cheese into strips

Thaw a frozen pizza crust, pre-cut into eight pieces, brush with a layer of tomato sauce and sprinkle with a layer of homemade mozzarella cheese.

Sprinkle some more diced peppers and arrange the seasoned steak in dice.

Bake in the middle of a preheated oven at 200°C for about 15 minutes.

Now, it’s done!

  • FAQs

1. What is raw cow’s milk?

It is freshly milked, raw and unprocessed milk.

2. Where can I buy raw cow’s milk?

Supermarket sterile packaging, all processed

3. Can I do packaged pasteurised milk and high temperature instantaneous pasteurised milk sold in supermarkets?

Anyway, we have tried it ourselves and the pure and fresh milk sold in supermarkets has failed.

4. Can I do it without citric acid and rennet?

The enzyme rennet enables raw milk to coagulate and provides the conditions for the discharge of whey.
It is most active in an acidic environment and any slight change in the acidity of the raw milk can affect the activity of rennet.
So, if you want to make mozzarella, you need rennet and citric acid.

You can use lemon juice or vinegar instead of citric acid, but as the acidity varies, you’ll have to do your own research on the actual amount to add!

5. Is there any use for the leftover whey?

The remaining whey still contains many of the nutrients of milk and you can use up the whey liquid as a liquid ingredient in cakes or bread.

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