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How to Choose a Baking Tray for Beginners? 2

The previous article gave a general overview of the types of baking trays / Glass, Silicone, Aluminium, Ceramic, Carbon Steel, etc.
With so many different types of baking trays available, how can you choose a high quality product that suits you?

  • Coating Materials

Coating is the core essence of a baking tray. Its material and whether it sticks or not determines the good performance of the baking tray. At present, Chinese baking pans are mainly coated with Waffle and Teflon, while in Europe and the United States, ILAG is more commonly used as a non-stick coating.
The advantages of a high quality coating include –

Good water separation

The good water release makes it easier to release the cake or bread to preserve its integrity and beauty.

High temperature resistant and stable

High-quality coating withstands higher temperatures (above 250°C) and is resistant to melting and deformation.

Environmental health

Some poor quality coatings can give off carcinogenic substances such as PFOA when baked at high temperatures. High quality coatings ensure the health of the user even with increased use.

  • Materials

There are very inexpensive baking trays made of poor quality iron. Compared to aluminium or carbon steel, iron baking trays have defects such as rapid heat conduction, easy deformation and poor water separation.
Therefore, it’s important to purchase a high-quality baking tray that is waterproof and oil-proof, resistant to high temperatures and has an even heat conductivity to ensure proper baking.

  • Size Selection & Conversion

A. Selection of baking tray size / As long as it is smaller than the inner cavity of the steam oven
Due to measurement errors, it’s recommended that the size of the baking tray be at least 10 mm smaller than the cavity size.

B. Recipe conversion options / The size of the homemade bakeware is different from the recipe bakeware introduced on the Internet or in the book.

For example: the online recipe is for a 13.8 inch * 11 inch baking pan, we want to change it to a smaller size baking pan 11 inch * 11 inch.
[Conversion for cake batter 13.8*11=151.8, 11*11=121, 121/151.8=0.8]

Just multiply the ingredients in the recipe by 0.8 respectively. The same goes for the small size to large size!

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a baking tray.

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