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How to make butter cookies from scratch

Butter cookies and cranberry cookies are simply the divine desserts of the baking world. The difference between these two types of cookies is that butter cookies are probably even easier than cranberry cookies.
To make cranberry cookies, you have to chop the cranberries and cut the dough into thin slices, which tests your knife skills.
But butter cookies you just need to squeeze hard and then draw a circle, you are almost successful.

  • Overview

Making cookies is simply a matter of mixing and baking four basic ingredients, which are oil, sugar, powder, and liquid.
The most common oils used to make cookies are butter, lard, and coconut oil.
Commonly used sugars are granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar
Flour generally contains high gluten flour, medium gluten flour, low gluten flour, whole wheat flour, corn starch, nut flour, etc.
Liquids mainly include eggs, milk, and light cream.

These basic ingredients can be chosen in different combinations, which creates a variety of cookies.
For example, adding matcha powder to low gluten flour makes a matcha-flavored cookie, or replacing all of the low gluten flour with whole wheat flour makes a whole wheat cookie. Replace the butter with coconut oil to make coconut cookies. Fine granulated sugar is replaced with brown sugar to make cookies rich in the aroma and nutritional value of brown sugar.
In terms of liquid, if the cookies emphasize the flaky texture and egg flavor you can add more egg yolks; if you want to make a fresh creamy flavor, you can replace the egg liquid with light cream or milk.

Good use of the combination of ingredients can make thousands of flavors, this mainly depends on your own play, I will not say more.
Let’s move on to the cookie making process.

The process of making cookies is generally

Whipping oil and sugar – Adding liquid – Adding powder – Molding – Baking -Preserving.

In the whipping section, whip the butter into place.
Add the liquid link, you should first return the liquid to temperature, otherwise adding it to the butter will cause the oil and water to separate, and you should add it in several times, mixing well each time.
Add the powder to be sifted first, and then mix well. According to the recipe, mix until there is no dry powder or press and mix until very fine.

Cookies can be divided into three types according to the molding method
Molded cookies, refrigerator cookies, and laminated cookies.
Cranberry cookies belong to refrigerator cookies and butter cookies belong to laminated cookies.
The difference between laminated cookies and the other two types of cookies is that the proportion of butter will be higher, so that the batter made is better squeezed and the cookies made are more fluffy.

The temperature of baking cookies is similar to that of cakes. Since the bottom metal baking pan conducts heat quickly, the lower temperature will generally be 10℃ lower than the upper temperature, so as to avoid the situation that the bottom is burnt while the top is not yet colored. If you want to make a clear pattern effect, you should bake at a higher temperature to make the cookies set quickly.

So how do you make butter cookies take on the shape of a whirlwind?

Reduce the expansion of the biscuit dough.

Four basic ingredients and two operations to achieve a reduced degree of expansion

1. To reduce the extension of the dough through the powder you can take the approach of increasing the gluten of the flour or replacing some of the flour with nut flour.

2. Do not soften the butter too much, keep a certain hardness to start whipping. Especially in the summer heat, butter will slowly melt during the production process, so also to speed up the speed of making biscuits. Secondly, don’t over-whip the dough, as long as it is evenly mixed and the colour is white, it is fine.

3. Caster sugar does not dissolve easily in the dough and will expand after baking to make the dough more expansive, so it is more appropriate to use icing sugar to reduce the degree of expansion.4. Th

4. The higher the proportion of liquid in the dough, the easier it is to generate water vapour to make the biscuits expand, so control the liquid content of the dough.

5. When adding the flour, use the cutting and pressing method to mix the dough as finely as possible, so that the dough does not expand easily when baking.

6. The oven should be fully preheated, the high temperature can make the dough set quickly, it will not be easy to spread the big pancake situation.

We also have to be careful when reducing the dough extension. Sometimes what goes around comes around and reducing the extension of the biscuit too much can lead to other negative effects.
For example, replacing all the low gluten flour with high gluten flour will result in a very stiff biscuit. Another example is to reduce the amount of liquid added, which can result in a dough that is too stiff and very difficult to squeeze. By sacrificing texture for aesthetics, you are putting the cart before the horse.
So it’s not the clearer the pattern, the more successful your biscuits are, but the more delicious they are, and the better they look by the way, that means you have really mastered the art of biscuit making.

  • Raw Materials

Original – 2.5 oz low gluten flour, 1.1 oz high gluten flour, 2.8 fl oz milk powder, 2.5 oz butter, 0.7 oz eggs, 1.2 oz icing sugar, 0.6 dr salt

Matcha flavour – 2.8 dr Matcha powder to replace low gluten flour in equal parts

Cocoa flavour – 5.6 dr Cocoa powder to replace gluten free flour

  • Steps

1. Cut the butter into small pieces to speed up the softening, or use a hairdryer if you are looking for more speed

2. Beat the eggs and bring them back to temperature. Mix the high gluten flour, low gluten flour and milk powder with a hand whisk.

3. When the butter has softened to the point where a chopstick can be inserted with relative ease (never over-soften, especially in summer when the room temperature is high), sift it, add the icing sugar and salt, press it down with a spatula to avoid splattering, and start whipping the butter.

Softening of butter

Spatula press

Whipped butter

4. Because we are going for a clear swirl, the butter should not be over-whipped either, when it is whipped until it is slightly white in colour.

5. Add the egg mixture in several batches, mixing well each time with a whisk.

Add the eggs

Mix the eggs well

6. Preheat the oven at 190°C. Sift and add the flour mixture to the butter.

7. Mix well with a spatula by cutting and pressing. Make the dough a little finer and don’t be afraid of gluten, otherwise the extruded pattern will be distinctly jagged.

Scraper mixing

Spatula press mix

Final state of the dough

8. Put the dough into a laminating bag, squeeze the dough vertically 0.4 inches above the baking tray and draw a small circle clockwise from the middle in the direction of the surrounding area, a bit like drawing a mosquito, keeping the biscuit dough at a certain distance from each other

Put the dough into a laminating bag

Push the dough to the top

Squeeze out the dough

Keep the biscuit dough at a distance from each other

9. Place in the oven.
Adjust the oven to 170 degrees on top and 160 degrees on the bottom for 20 minutes, taking care to adjust according to the temperature difference of your oven, the colour is almost ready to be removed from the oven.

10. When the baking time is up, remove from the oven and leave to cool on a cooling rack.

11. Once completely cooled and stored in an airtight container, it can be left for half a month without going soft.


  • FAQs

1. Cookie pattern disappears after being put in the oven
R. The dough has expanded too much
A. Please check each of the six tips above carefully to make sure they are correct.

2. The dough is very oily when baking
R. The butter has softened too much or the dough has separated from the oil and water
A. Be careful to control the temperature and time of softening of the butter and make sure to add the liquid first, then in small portions.

Butter biscuits are a very classic little dessert, whether for breakfast, afternoon tea or as a standby on the go, these easy to make and long-lasting biscuits are a great choice.

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