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What’s the best way to store butter ?

Storage of Butter

The amount of oil in butter is basically 80%+, anhydrous butter even reaches 99%, if not stored well, the oil will easily oxidise and produce an unpleasant oil consumption smell.

So the most important thing to keep butter is to keep it dry at low temperatures & prevent stringing: seal it well and keep it in a low temperature dry environment, that is a clean refrigerated/freezer storage environment, 5°C to -18°C.

  • Opened butter

Open the butter and slice it with a water and oil free, preferably sterilised cutter. If you can’t use up the butter, fold it back into the original packaging and press out as much air as possible.

Then wrap the butter tightly in a plastic bag/cling film/sealable bag/cling storage box and store in the fridge.

For short-term storage within 2 weeks, store in the freezer section of the fridge and use up as soon as possible; for long-term storage (more than 2 weeks), place in the freezer section of the fridge.

  • Frozen unopened butter

Place the butter in a freezer-proof storage box or a strong airtight bag and store it directly in the freezer. If there is not too much food in the freezer, this method will keep for longer, at least six months or more.
-Frozen butter can be used even if it has been out of date for a short period of time, usually without any problems, but it is best to use it up within its shelf life.

  • Slitting of large packs of butter

Firstly, wear disposable gloves and use a clean cutter to cut the butter into small pieces according to the amount needed, wrap in clean tin foil or silicone paper and then wrap tightly in a plastic bag/cling film/sealable bag/storage box.

Remove one piece each time you use it and thaw it to avoid the problem of a whole block of butter going rancid due to repeated freezing and thawing.

  • Prevention of odour conflicts

Although the refrigerator freezer smells less offensive than the freezer, it is still there. Frozen bread in particular can easily absorb the odour from the fridge and become unpalatable.

Timexing recommend that you buy a fridge freezer/freezer odour absorber, which is really helpful in maintaining the original freshness of the food.

These are the common ways to store butter hope you find them helpful.


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