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Sabre Biscuits Recipe Video for Baking Beginners


An intact Almond embedded in the surface of the biscuit provides both decoration and multiplies the nutty flavour of the biscuit.

The crumbling sound it makes when tasted will bring back memories.

The recipe for this biscuit is straightforward, set at 100% low gluten flour, 70% unsalted butter, 20% ground lentils and 25% icing sugar.

As the biscuits will be dipped in caster sugar around them, the proportion of icing sugar should not be too high in order to control the sweetness.

A small amount of salt can be added to enhance the flavour, but make sure the grains are fine and easy to dissolve.

No liquid is added to the dough, only the small amount of moisture contained in the butter itself, which makes the biscuits a little crisper.

  • Recipes

Environment / Room temperature 26 °C, humidity 82%

Time required / approx. 1½ hours

Servings / Original x16, Cocoa x16

Baking / Medium oven, oven at 155 °C, 20 minutes

Storage / 15 days at room temperature, sealed

  • Ingredients


Low gluten flour 2.8oz

Almond powder 0.6 oz

Icing sugar 0.7 oz

Salt 1g

Unsalted butter 2 oz


Low gluten flour 2.5 oz

Cocoa powder 8g

Almond powder 0.6 oz

Icing sugar 0.7 oz

Salt 1g

Unsalted butter 2 oz


Sugar 0.7 oz

Almond x32

  • FAQs

1. The Dough is too Soft or too Hard

R. 1. The ratio of the total amount of flour to the butter affects the softness of the dough, the more flour the drier and harder the dough

2. The temperature of the dough will also affect the softness, the lower the temperature the harder the dough will be.

A. 1. Adjust the ratio of flour to oil according to the softness of the dough
2. If the dough is too soft, put it in the refrigerator for a while before operation.

2. The Finished Biscuit is not Crispy Enough

R. 1. Not enough baking
2. The biscuits are not sealed in time after cooling, resulting in moisture.

A. 1. Bake for longer time
2. Seal the cookies in time after cooling

3. The Lentils Fall off the Biscuits Easily

R. 1. The lentils are not pressed deep enough into the dough 2. The dough is too dry

A. 1. Press into the dough more deeply
2. Control the softness of the dough, or dip the lentils in a little egg white before pressing them into the dough.

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