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Summer Mini Cakes are a Hit!

A miniature cupcake has appeared on the market that combines cream and puree to create a flavoured buttercream in the shape of a mousse, which is not only tastier in flavour but also more striking in terms of value, and can be produced in bulk at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reddish Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cream + Strawberry jelly + Dense cake base = Sweet and sour

Strawberries and cream are a perfect match in themselves.
The sweet and sour strawberry jelly in the middle not only enriches the colour but also hits the taste buds right in the middle.

  • Passionate Citrus Cake

Sweet orange cream + Sweet orange gel + Dense cake base = Refreshing and sweet

The orange colour easily evokes the coolness of summer.
In a creamy, sweet atmosphere, the coolness stands out, stimulating the taste buds while possessing a desire for the whole summer.

  • Fruit Tea Storm Cake

A gradation of matcha buttercream and matcha cake brioche
Embellished with a dazzling purple of raspberries, colliding with the top layer of small buttercream flowers and fruits, the layers create an overall beauty.

  • Oreo Blueberry Cake

Oreo salted cream + Fresh blueberries = A great aftertaste

Oreos, the darling of desserts, always add style to desserts. The crunch of the Oreos themselves collide perfectly with the salted cream, and the final touch of blueberries is quietly mysterious.

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