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Super Practical Tips for Storing Nuts!

Nuts are rich in nutrients – unsaturated fatty acids, protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Many people like to buy large quantities of nuts at home and enjoy them slowly
However, nuts are rich in oils and fats and if stored improperly they can easily deteriorate, become damp or even produce toxins.

So how do you store nuts?

  • Store in a dry place

Nuts must be kept in a dry environment to avoid moisture, generally a well ventilated place is better.
For example, it’s also good to put them in a room with the sun rising, and to wrap them in plastic bags before storing them.

  • In an airtight container

Compared to plastic bottles glass bottles are better
Glass is stable and does not evaporate harmful substances
Make sure the glass bottle is dry and clean before putting in the dried fruit.
Sealed jars of Borosilicate Glass are more stable refrigerated or work at high temperatures.

  • Put in some tea leaves

When storing, put some tea leaves. Tea leaves absorb moisture to ensure that the nuts do not get damp.

It’s not advisable to put too much tea leaves in depending on the number of dried fruits. If more nuts are stored, then use some desiccant appropriately to store the dried fruits for the best results.

  • Fridge storage

Keep sealed while dry in portions and put in the fridge, less nuts and air, moisture contact, while micro-organisms in the freezer will not multiply to ensure the deliciousness and safety of the nuts.

Note that when you put them in the fridge, avoid storing them together with foodstuffs such as onions, garlic, strongly scented fruit and seafood products that have a pungent smell.

Nuts must be protected from moisture or they will spoil easily.
However, they should not be too dry and at the same time be insulated otherwise the dried fruit will tend to become oily and this will spoil the flavour.

The storage methods for dried fruit described above are some very good ways to greatly extend the period of consumption of dried fruit.

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