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The Best Way to Bake Light Fat Bagel Bread

Can’t tell the difference between bagels and doughnuts?
Originating in Eastern Europe, bagels were brought to New York by Jewish immigrants in the early 1900s and gradually became popular in the United States.

They look the same, but why are bagels healthier?
Donuts are made by deep-frying, while bagels are boiled and then baked.

The different preparation method makes the bagels lower in fat and cholesterol, so that even babies who are on a diet and reducing fat can eat them with confidence.
The baked bagels are shiny on the outside and dense and chewy on the inside, with a texture a bit like German lye bread, and are very filling.

The bagels are not too sweet, so they can be eaten with fish, meat and vegetables to perfectly complement the original taste of the food in between, making them a good choice for sandwiches.

Wheaten Cranberry Bagel


  1. Fresh yeast 0.5 oz
  2. Sugar 0.7 oz
  3. High flour 8.8 oz
  4. Honey 0.2 oz
  5. Salt 0.1 oz
  6. Soya milk 0.7 oz
  7. Cranberry 1.4 oz
  8. Wholemeal flour 2.1 oz


① Pour all the ingredients into the chef’s machine and mix well on low speed without any dry flour.

② Put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and knead until the dough reaches the extended stage, so that a film of a certain thickness and elasticity can be pulled out. Add the cranberries and mix well on low speed.

The berries have a low water content and do not need to be kneaded to produce a glove film.

③ The dough should be at a temperature of 26°C to 28°C.

④ Place the dough in a clean container, cover with plastic wrap and place in the oven to rise once, at an ambient temperature of 26°C and a humidity of 75°C, for 30 minutes.

⑤ Remove the dough and place it on a rolling mat and pat it down. Cut into 6 pieces, roll out and let rise for 20 minutes.

⑥ Roll out the dough, pinch it tightly and roll it out slowly with the palms of both hands to a length of about 7.9 in.
Roll the left hand side slightly thinner and the right hand end flattened with the palm of your hand and rolled out with a rolling pin.
The two ends of the dough come together in a circle. Wrap the rolled out right hand end around the thinly rolled left hand end and pinch the thin end together a little to close it. Tidy up a little.

⑦ Ferment in a fermenter at 33°C and 75% humidity for 30 minutes until 1.5 times bigger, not recommended to exceed 30 minutes.
Bring the water to a near boil at about 90°C. Turn the heat down and add the bagel dough.
Cook for 30 seconds on one side with a slotted spoon then turn and cook for 30 seconds on the other side, drain and arrange on a baking tray.

⑧ Bake in the middle of the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, remove from the oven and immediately transfer to a cooling rack.

Allow to cool thoroughly and store airtight.

Well Done
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