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The Correct Way to Whip Light Cream Cheese

To whip the light cream well, we need to understand a few key points about whipping light cream/whipping cream.

Notes on whipping light cream

1. Always use a light cream/whipping cream that is suitable for whipping, with a cream content of not less than 33%.

2. Try to use icing sugar for whipping, the amount of icing sugar is 5% to 8% of the amount of light cream

3. Use light cream that has been chilled for 24 hours or more, and in hot weather, whip it in ice water.

4. Place the whipping head and container in the refrigerator to further reduce the temperature.

5. Shake the cream up and down well before using the light cream, as the cream tends to sink to the bottom.

6. Do not touch the beating bowl with the head of the whisk, but beat the cream in the air so that it does not easily generate heat.

Distinguishing the different states of light cream whipping

To whip the light cream, start on medium speed to allow air to enter the light cream, then after it has thickened slightly, change to low speed and whip until desired.

🔸 Whipped to 50% for mousse cakes such as tiramisu

🔸 Whipped to 70%, suitable for experienced bakers’ spreads

🔸 Whipped to 80% to 90%, with small curved hooks, suitable for spreading and laminating

🔸 Whipped to 100%, short and straight, suitable for sandwich fillings

🔸 Over-beaten, becomes rough, dull and shapeless, like tofu crumbs


There is no way to save over-whipped light cream. If you don’t want it to go to waste, you can use it for tarts.

4 tips for stabilising light cream

🔸 Add skimmed milk powder, about 5% to 8% of the light/whipping cream amount

🔸 Add mascarpone cheese, about 25-30% of the light/whipping cream amount

🔸 Add the white chocolate, which is 35 to 40% of the light/whipped cream

🔸 Add the custard powder, which is 1% of the light cream/whipping cream

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