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What kind of cake do you eat in summer without gaining weight?

Dessert is a favorite of women no matter how full they are there is a second stomach that can accommodate sweets.
But sweets are high in calories, making people love and fear!

In fact, if you choose the right cake, you can enjoy it as well. It’s not that any dessert will make you fat if you eat it, but it’s all about moderation and calorie control.
Take cakes for example, each cake has different ingredients and calories, not every cake makes people fat when they eat it.
Therefore, as long as you choose the right cake, even if you are on a diet, you will not fail easily!

There are many different types of cakes and the main ingredients can be divided into several categories, namely eggs and protein, cream and fat, and carbohydrates from wheat and caster sugar.

From a nutritional point of view, one gram of fat contains 9 calories, while one gram of protein and carbohydrates are both 4 calories. In other words, when eating the same cake, the one with more fat is the most likely to be fattening.

  • Cakes with lots of fat

Some cakes are almost always made with a cream or whipped cream base, such as the pie range with its French lasagne (Napoleon pastry), or the chocolate cake made from ganache (a mixture of chocolate and whipped cream).
Or fruit cakes that look like they are full of whipped cream squeezes are on the list. Also, watch out for rich cheesecakes and muffins that use a lot of yoghurt and cream.

Fatty cakes are not to be underestimated, as a small piece can exceed 400 calories, making them the highest calorie combination in the cake category and a worthy itch for dieters.

  • Cakes with lots of carbohydrates

Compared to cream, which is commonly used in western desserts, carbohydrates are more commonly used in Japanese and Chinese desserts. From red bean cakes and snapper teriyaki to hair cakes, green bean bang and wagashi are all on this list.

Also, less decorated sponge cakes and honey cakes have less cream, or even no cream at all. Although they do not have as many calories as fatty cakes, they are often avoided by dieters because of their high sweetness.

  • A cake with lots of protein

Protein-rich cakes with milk and eggs as the main ingredients, such as cream filled puffs, pancakes, undecorated light cheesecakes, chiffon cakes, puddings, etc., are low in calories, about 200 calories for a small piece, and can be enjoyed occasionally even on a diet.

  • Simple Cakes

When choosing a cake, remember to choose one that is less decorated and has the least amount of contents.

If you can choose pumpkin, nuts, matcha, sesame seeds or blueberries, don’t choose cream and chocolate. These cakes are not bursting with calories, so they can be eaten even during the gym.

  • The best time to eat cake / 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The best time to eat cake is between 2pm and 6pm, the least likely to gain weight, because at this time the human body temperature is the highest, the most activity, even if eaten can also be quickly consumed.

However, if you eat it after dinner, it will easily accumulate and cause obesity.
In addition, 200 calories a day is enough for dessert, and do not eat on an empty stomach, otherwise it is easy to absorb too much and cause obesity.

How to make a healthy fairy cake?

1 cup butter, 2 cups granulated sugar, 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, 1 cup milk and 1 teaspoon baking powder. This recipe is still the mother lode of the fancy fairy cake.


  1. Unsalted butter 2.1 oz
  2. Fine sugar A 1.1 oz
  3. 1 egg
  4. Milk 1.1 oz
  5. Low gluten flour 4.2 oz
  6. Baking powder 0.1 oz
  7. Salt 0.1 oz
  8. Caster sugar B 2.5 oz
  9. Cold water 0.5 oz
  10. Hot water 1.1 oz
  11. Marshmallow 1.1 oz
  12. Decorated marshmallows 18 pieces

Tips- The above dosage is for 6 fairy cakes


  • To make the caramel sauce, add 2.5 oz granulated sugar (for the caramel sauce) and 1 tbsp cold water (for the caramel sauce) to a heavy-bottomed deep pan or non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
    Shake the pan gently as it starts to brown until the whole thing turns an even caramel colour and then turn off the heat
    Add 2 tbsp hot water (for the caramel sauce) and stir well with a wooden spoon, leave to cool and measure out 1.8 oz.
  • Bring the eggs back to room temperature, cut into small pieces and place 2.1oz of unsalted butter in a mixing bowl at room temperature to warm, then add 1.1oz of granulated sugar and 0.1oz of salt and beat with a whisk until white and creamy.
  • Add the beaten egg mixture in batches and continue to stir, each time until it is completely absorbed before adding the next
  • Add 1.8oz of caramel sauce and mix thoroughly until well combined
  • Mix in the sifted flour and 1.1oz milk in 2-3 alternate batches, using a spatula to quickly rub the bottom of each batch until no dry flour is visible.
    Be careful not to overmix the batter and make it less puffy.
  • Cut the large marshmallows into small pieces (the small ones do not need to be cut) and mix into the batter with a spatula.
  • Place the batter in a greased tray and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes, then quickly top each cake with 2-3 small marshmallows (for decoration) and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes.

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