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What kitchen tools enhance quality of life?

As living conditions improve we are becoming more and more conscious of the quality of our home life, and kitchen life is one of them!
When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, we often use utensils that are good for the main purpose. Timexing introduces you to a few practical tools today.

  • Tablecloth

Tablecloth is very suitable for posing, to enhance the style.
Whether it’s a solid colour or a striped check, other colours must pay attention to the material, the texture is very low, there is also the time to buy with the usual tableware and drinking style with.

  • Noodle Scoop

When you’re making pasta. A regular knife and fork don’t seem to work, so you need a pasta scoop instead.
Choose a spoon with a cavity in the middle for pasta and for portion control.

  • Electric whisk

If you have enough money to buy an electric whisk believe me it will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. A handheld electric whisk is sufficient.

  • Glassware

Glasses / Falling in love with drinking milk. All shapes, straight, twisted, carved

Glass bowls / Falling in love with eating fruit and salads

Glass jars / Storing all kinds of food nuts in uniform shapes and materials.

  • High temperature resistant oil brushes

The silicone material is very soft and will not deform, the handle and brush head are removable and easy to clean.
And you don’t have to pour a puddle of oil to make an egg crust, just use the brush to brush the oil directly onto it. Saves oil.

  • Aesthetic cutlery

For someone who loves to make breakfast, plates are as attractive as bags and clothes. If you’re having breakfast, you don’t need more than one, a set of plates for breakfast is enough. Eat happily and go to work every day .

  • Nano sponge

Nano sponge cleans the whole kitchen in one piece, no need to add detergent for all kinds of dirt, just a dab of water and it’s clean.

  • Spoon resting bowl

A long-handled spoon is often used when cooking and when there is a pause in work it always has nowhere to go. Reduces grease dripping onto kitchen countertops.

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